What type of lawyer should I be?

You’ve decided to become a lawyer and are wondering, “What kind of lawyer should you be?” Maybe you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a career change. In any case, there are many different career paths in the legal field.

We’ve put together a quiz to help you find out just that. It’s not an official personality assessment, but it can give you direction based on the types of problems you want to solve, the day-to-day activities that excite you most, your risk tolerance, and more.

Discover more career opportunities as a lawyer

Would you Really be a lawyer if you haven’t considered all the possibilities before making a decision? Unlikely. Read on below to explore different ways of what kind of lawyer you can be.

tax attorney

You should be a tax attorney! You are a structured person who thrives when working with logic, mathematics and fine details. You prefer to keep your clients out of court by making sure they comply with tax laws and regulations – but also by tackling erroneous tax assessments. As a tax attorney, you’ll need excellent research skills to keep up with ever-changing laws and problem-solving skills to find creative solutions to complex problems.
learn more about how to become a tax attorney.

patent attorney

You should be a patent attorney! They love working with clients who bring bright ideas to life – and helping those clients protect their brain babies from intellectual property theft. From art to medicine and everything in between, these attorneys are at the forefront of innovation and protecting their clients’ intellectual property. Interested in becoming a patent attorney? There are a few steps you must take, including graduating from law school and passing the patent licensing exam, to register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Criminal Lawyer

You should be a criminal defense attorney! You’re all about high-stakes cases, and you use your dramatic storytelling talent to win them. They defend clients accused of criminal activity that could result in a prison sentence. You are skilled, able to deal with conflict and can support people in what is often the most difficult time of their lives.
learn more about become a criminal defense attorney.

defense attorney

You would be a great defender! You’re an incredible storyteller and probably best known for your ability to play devil’s advocate in any argument. As a criminal defense attorney, you spend a lot of time in the courtroom protecting your clients from claims against them. The severity of your cases can vary widely, from fines to imprisonment—unless you convince the judge to rule in your client’s favor.
learn more about become a defender.

family attorney

You would make a great family lawyer! You can handle complex and emotionally charged situations in a sensitive way and work with the nuances of interpersonal conflicts. From advocating for clients in domestic violence or custody battles to helping them navigate prenuptial agreement milestones and adoption paperwork, you are… Be with your clients in the moments that matter.
learn more about become a family lawyer.

company attorney

You should get into corporate law! You’ll help corporations with issues related to owning, operating and running a business – in exchange for some of the highest earning opportunities in law. This area of ​​activity takes place largely behind the scenes and requires impeccable negotiation skills as well as strong negotiation skills, research, writing and verbal communication skills. You will spend a lot of time negotiating contracts and advising clients on their rights, duties and obligations under the law.
Learn more about becoming a corporate attorney.

environmental advocate

You would be a great environmental advocate! You care about the health and future of our planet – and you have the ability to tell stories to inspire judges and juries alike to protect it. In this high-risk but rewarding area of ​​law, you’ll be responsible for regulations that help control pollution and protect our natural resources. There are many exciting directions for this career, from working with companies to comply with environmental regulations to working with government to create laws to protect the earth.
Learn more about becoming an environmental advocate.

Immigration Lawyer

You should be an immigration attorney! You’re looking for a meaningful career – and immigration law is all about helping others build new lives across the border. Whether your clients are escaping conflict, looking for great job opportunities, or reuniting with their families, you are here to help them in their new lives. Starting in a new country is difficult. Immigration attorneys assist their clients with issues such as visas, permits and citizenship to help them settle into their new country.
Learn more about becoming an immigration attorney.

Tech Advocate

You should be a tech advocate! You’re up to speed on the latest technology trends and excited to see how AI will change the world – and the legal industry. From regulating what companies and governments can do with our data to how we deal with cybercrime or the impact of AI, the exciting world of technology is changing faster than the laws themselves. You are a continuous learner and thrive in situations in where there may not be clearly defined rules. Because you work in technical law, you are probably dying to make legal work more efficient through the use of technology.
Here are some great AI tools to use in your law practice.

Technology and the future of law

Regardless of what kind of lawyer you become, the future of law is (at least in part) digital. The most successful law firms today use legal software to work more efficiently and securely. And perhaps you’re already learning how to use AI in the legal world – while also observing the very real consequences of relying on ChatGPT to create your legal case.

Aside from AI, there are many other ways to incorporate technology into your budding legal career to help you work more efficiently. Rapid innovation in legal software combined with the introduction of technology has resulted in a multitude of legal tools that lawyers can use in almost every aspect of their work. With law firm management software, you can now conduct online legal research, collect e-signatures, process digital payments, streamline non-billable work, and more for free online.

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