This law school has the most women enrolled in its history

WomenAt least one law school is also breaking diversity records after SFFA vs Harvard. Rutgers Law’s newest class has entered law school, breaking several school diversity records in the process. Take that, Tom Cotton! From

According to Rutgers, about 59 percent of the more than 400 full-time and part-time students who began their law school journey last week are women — the highest number in law school history.

As surprising as this is to read, it makes sense given the recent trajectory of law school demographics: The number of men enrolling in law school has steadily declined for a decade, while the number of women has increased. But that’s not all – Rutgers Law is still breaking records:

There are other encouraging statistics when it comes to diversity in the new class of prospective attorneys, Rutgers administrators said. In Newark, new students range in age from 17 to over 60 years old. About 48 percent identify as students of color, 24 percent are first-generation college graduates, and 77 percent are first-generation law students. A total of 22 states and 22 countries are represented.

Camden’s part-time students arriving in 2023 have the highest academic record and highest enrollment for their class of colored students (33 percent) in law school history.

Rutgers can look back on the successes of its two campuses, Newark and Camden, since the law schools merged back in 2015. If Rutgers continues to break records, they would be a great role model for Penn State to replicate their proposed merger. While Penn State University had high hopes for the positive impact of merging the Carlisle and University Park campuses, little was said about the implementation details. Cheers to them as they follow Rutger’s plan for a successful merger!

New class at Rutgers Law School has more female students than ever (

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