Today at ILTACON: Strong conclusion

data_Law_Justice (1)It was great to see all the wonderful collaborative, educational and networking activities throughout the week. Incredible energy throughout the venue!

Have another great day and we look forward to seeing you at ILTACON 2024 in beautiful Nashville.

On the record – Sure, we’re now in the dog days of summer and our conference, just like Major League Baseball.

While we’re all exhausted from all the learning, the connecting, and the parties, let’s keep up the energy and prepare to throw the equivalent of seven strong innings on our final day together to make the most of what continues to be excellent content that are available to us .

If the Little Leaguers can excel in every game at Williamsport, surely we can too!

Today’s keynote is the G100 and G200 wrap-up to learn what technologies and trends are on the minds of the CIOs of G100 and G200 companies. For those working outside of the industry’s largest law firms – those who missed these sessions – it’s a relatively rare opportunity to get an overview of some industry best practices.

The ILTA Annual Business Meeting Lunch marks midday and is an informative update for those interested in learning more about ILTA.

And of course, our training sessions don’t disappoint either – the popular DISC assessment series will be featured, as well as sessions on the psychology of cyber incidents, advanced testing technology, the use of AI and chatbots in service desks, real-world AI users, etc. Fast engineering training and how the use of PowerBI and APIs in the legal field is evolving.

There is so much to learn, so choose wisely!

ILTA Spotlight – Please take into account the ongoing club activities.

ILTACON 2023 is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your interaction with the legal tech community has to end. In fact, in many ways this could be seen as a fresh start.

Strive to turn your four-day experience into a year-long enrichment process.

Opportunities include ILTA online training, the ILTA quarterly update webinar on September 6th, a safety event on September 12th in London as part of a new partnership with the S4S Club and serving as an ILTA volunteer in one of the many Committees writing for ILTA on their blog “Peer” -To-Peer and the recently announced partnership with Above The Law, sharing your expertise in an ILTA training session and more. The ways to stay engaged are nearly endless.

entertainment tonight – Another big event coming up is the ILTA Closing Reception at 6:30 p.m. at the Y&B Convention Center, Grand Harbor Ballroom for a closing drink and a farewell.

A word from our sponsors – Sponsors are the lifeblood of ILTACON. Visit their booths, demo rooms and events today to learn more about their services and technology capabilities. Here are some thoughts from our sponsors.

Karl Chapman, CEO, Kim Technologies. “I really enjoy seeing old friends again and meeting new ones and distinguishing between reality and the hype around the Gen AI announcements we all read. Nice to see we didn’t share our typical English weather with us during our stay!”

Scott McFetters, President and CEO, CoreTech. “I’ve been to every ILTACON/ILTA/LawNet since the Camelback Inn event in 1995. I made a lot of friends and it was the start of many long term relationships with law firms, individuals and suppliers!” Can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando and meet new people!”

Have a safe journey home everyone! See you in 2024!

Kenneth Jones is Chief Operating Officer of Xerdict Group LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanenbaum Keale LLP, which provides the firm’s clients with technology-enabled services including SaaS litigation and matter management applications.

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