Attorney Mug Shots: Georgia Election Fraud Edition

Former President Trump attends the arraignment hearing in federal court in Washington, DC after his indictment

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Of all the charges against former President Donald Trump, Georgia’s is quite unique. Sure, it’s a state case from which Trump, even if he wins the presidency in 2024, can’t pardon himself, but there are also the co-defendants. So. Many. co-accused. Eighteen to be precise. And a lot of them are lawyers.

So let’s judge them not just on their legal acumen, or lack thereof, but also on how photogenic they are. Now, not all of the former president’s co-defendants — and not even Trump himself — have turned themselves in and snapped their cups for posterity. But let’s take a look at the lawyers who have stood up so far.

John Eastman. Author of the coup memo. A professional ban is threatened. Former Professor. Not so great with email. Is cool with violence.


Rudy Giuliani. Knows a lot about RICO. I know embarrassing photos. And embarrassment in general. Former Mayor of New York.


Sydney Powell. Kind of still a lawyer. Big fan of conspiracy theories. Kind of a mockery. Doesn’t think people should believe her.

Jenna Ellis. Ready for her closeup. Too good for traffic court. Doesn’t tell you what people think. No doctor.


Kenneth Chesbro. Unindicted co-conspirator 5, the last co-conspirator identified in the federal case against Donald Trump. Author of coup memo #2.


Ray Smith. Georgia Attorney aka Local Attorney. “Witnesses” collected for non-existent voter fraud.


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