Midsize Biglaw employees want offices with Windows, and they want them now

Businessman Window BuildingEd. note: Welcome to our daily Quote of the Day feature.

Unless someone comes into the office regularly (unless there is a legitimate reason such as maternity leave), they should not have a window office. There are many window offices that are empty because employees are unofficially working completely remotely or come into the office very rarely. And there are many employees who come into the office regularly (2, 3, 4 times a week) and sit in their windowless, depressing offices. That makes no sense. Positions used to be seniority… If you can’t get in, don’t steal the light from the rest of us! Thank you very much.

–An anonymous Am Law 100 associate’s response to a question from the American Lawyer Midlevel Associates Survey about the only thing he would say to his firm’s managing partner if he could. For more notable and quotable answers, see here.

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